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How do I reserve a rental boat?

We advise you to reserve your boat before renting, especially during the high season.
The reservation can be made by calling our number from 8.00 to 23.00, or via our website at least 48 hours prior to rental.

What kind of license necessary for the conduct of the boat?

In Italy, for engines below 40 hp and boats below 10 meters, do not need a boat license

What are the hours of delivery and return of the boat?

The boats for hire are delivered daily at 9:00 and will return by 18h00. For longer periods will attest the contract of hire.

How do I know where the most beautiful places to visit?

During check-in will show you the exact directions on a map that will provided.
Otherwise, look to the "news" and "gallery" of the website.
It is 'treated by someone who has a passion for the area where
work. There are so many wonderful places that one
holiday is not enough for sure ... you have to
back again next year and the year after that!


What boat to choose?

On our website there is a wide range of photos that will show you all types of boats that we can offer. Ask.us for any extra demand, we will satisfy your every desire.

Do I need any experience of navigation?

Most of our customers do not have any boat experience. Before check-in one of our representatives will explain the operation of the boat and, if necessary, will take you to do a test drive.

Once out of the harbor where I can moor?

Our explanations during check-in and the map will illustrate the areas included in the mooring.

What can I do in case of difficulty?

Our number is available 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7. Support boat will reach you wherever you are within a few minutes

How can I pay?.

We accept all types of credit cards. Transfers and cash are all the same

It is an expensive holiday with Blu & Blu?

Vacation  with Blu & Blu has a very good value for money. The price is for the boat: Divide the total cost by the number of persons on board and decide for yourself the convenience of a vacation with us!
You will find the updated list on every page of the website. 

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