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10 rules to navigate 2

10 things to do on board

10 May 2015

 1. before turning the engine on make sure that the emergency key is engaged and the gear is in neutral.
2. inside the harbor proceed with caution at a very low speed.
3. maintain a minimum distance of 200 m. from the beaches and 100 m. from rocky shores.
4. landing the boat on the beaches is strictly forbidden. To get close to the beach use the landing corridor only. Mooring is not allowed inside the corridors; they can be utilized exclusively to embark and disembark.
5. pay close attention to the map provided and to the briefing during check-in procedures. When close to the shallows indicated on the map reduce boat speed.
6. always drop the anchor from the bow of the boat and into the wind, make sure to pay out enough rope to get a good hold on the bottom.
7. yield to boats coming from your right and always to sailing boats, kayaks and pedal boats.
8. fuel consumption must be checked keeping in mind the consumption per hour rate.
9. before using the storing places make sure that no water is inside of them because it could damage your items.
10. in potentially dangerous situations act as follows: drop the anchor, see that everybody is safe and call our number or the Guardia Costiera’s, 1530. Do not hesitate!


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