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10 rules to protect the enviroment

10 things to do to save our beaches

10 May 2015

 1. keep the sea and beach clean, take all of your waste with you.
2. if you smoke do not leave the stubs behind. It takes 2 years for a stub to biodegrade itself.
3. sand, shells, pebbles, coral and shellfish belong to the sea. Do not take them away, allow other people to enjoy them.
4. do not leave any light items on the boat or on the beach, the wind carries them away and they inevitably end up as garbage polluting the sea. A newspaper biodegrades itself in 6 months, an aluminum can in 10 years, a plastic bag in 500 years, a plastic bottle in 100 years.
5. shake your towels out, rinse your gear and clean your feet and shoes before leaving the beaches.
6. use a waterproof sun lotion: a drop of sun oil can pollute an entire bathtub of water.
7. drop your anchor on sandy bottoms and weigh it with caution: ruts left by anchors on seaweed meadows, the “poseidonia oceanica”, are among the causes of its disappearance.
8. If you have a fishing permit, get informed about protected species, fishable sizes and areas where fishing is allowed. You can have a good time without damaging the ecosystem.
9. Sorted waste disposal is the most intelligent and important way to protect the environment.
10. Report to the Corpo Forestale (1515) any sand or sea creatures removal, since beside contributing to environmental erosion and deterioration it constitutes aggravated theft.


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